Interac Debit Solutions

The secure payment option your customers can rely on.

Choose Interac® Debit to help grow your business

When you power your business with Interac Debit solutions, you get all the security and efficacy of a best in class solution. Interac Debit card and eCommerce transactions costs are also significantly lower than any other payment network in Canada and you get the added benefit of our good funds model meaning no chargebacks for any merchant.

And with Interac Debit, you can provide seamless checkout experiences and increase sales by taking advantage of contactless card and mobile payments at the POS or accepting Interac Debit for eCommerce purchases in-app or in-browser.

Low-friction checkouts

Improves checkout speeds with its contactless, PIN and mobile wallet options.

Convenience without chargebacks

Access your earnings easily with zero chargebacks.

Low fees

Our transaction fees are lower than comparable payment options.

Trusted and used almost everywhere

Interac Debit is integrated across financial institutions nationally and accepted at over half a million locations.

Unparalleled fraud prevention

Interac Debit security technologies, including chip-and-PIN, data abstraction and tokenization, have consistently achieved low fraud rates.

Built for the future

With the support of Canada’s largest financial institutions, Interac Debit is able to continually evolve in ways that can help you grow your business.

Keep transactions simple with Interac Debit

Offer the payment solution that is in nearly every Canadian’s wallet. When you offer Interac Debit, you benefit from the following:

  • No chargebacks – The funds are always good as the financial institution authorizes the payment.
  • Economical transaction fee – Interac Debit is a low-cost payment acceptance option for merchants at a single flat-fee, regardless of the purchase price.
  • Lower chance of losses – Accepting Interac Debit means reduced chance of loss due to cash mishandling or theft


Do more with Interac Flash® and Mobile Interac Debit

Contactless Interac Flash makes everyday debit purchases faster and more convenient than traditional chip and PIN transactions, while Mobile Interac Debit allows customers to pay with their mobile wallet in a fast, convenient and secure way.

  • Increased convenience and speed for customers, allowing you to serve more people.
  • Reduce the need to handle cash and coin. Potential for increased sales from customers who carry no cash. World-class security and fraud prevention.
  • For security, a single card-based contactless transaction cannot exceed $100 and consumers are also subject to cumulative spend limits set by their financial institution.

Software-Based Pin on Cots

Focus on growing your business with flexible & low-cost Software-Based Pin on Cots (SPoC) for Mobile Point of Sale transactions.

SPoC is a software-based approach in which a cardholder is able to enter their PIN on a merchant owned mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. The cardholder’s PIN is entered on a verified Acquirer APP while their card is inserted into the merchants Secure Card Reader.

If you are a micro or small business, a freelancer, or a charity you can accept payments with ease wherever you may be by integrating a Software-Based Pin on Cots (SPoC) solution.

Enjoy the flexibility of mobile point of sale Interac Debit transactions on your device such as a mobile phone or tablet without the need for an integrated payment solution.

For more information, contact an Acquirer to get started.

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Simplify online payments with In-App Solutions

If your business sells goods or services online, you can make it easy for customers to pay by integrating Interac Debit into your online experience. Simply enable Interac Debit as an in-app or in-browser payment method. Contact us directly if you want to know more about this solution. Contact an Acquirer to get started.

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Global Payments

World-class security

Get peace-of-mind knowing that Interac is a leader in security technologies and policies. Interac Debit protects your customers in a variety of ways:

Chip Technology

Interac Debit leverages the added security of chip technology. Mobile devices can also support contactless transactions of any value, but are subject to user authentication (i.e. Passcode, fingerprint, etc.) and issuer-controlled limits.

The Interac Token Service Provider (TSP):

A token is a unique, randomly-generated series of numbers that allows a customer to complete digital transactions on their mobile device. Our proprietary token generation and management platform minimizes fraud by preventing customers’ data from being shared with third parties during transactions.

Fraud prevention

Spending is limited for card-based contactless transactions: a single transaction cannot exceed $100 and consumers are also subject to cumulative spend limits.

Interac Zero Liability Policy

No Interac Debit cardholder is ever held liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond their control. This includes losses resulting from technical errors, system problems or fraud. In such cases, you must make a claim with your financial institution for losses incurred. If the claim is determined to be valid, you will be reimbursed by your financial institution. So no matter what, your customers are covered.


Every merchant can decide their own policy on refunds and exchanges. If you choose to offer refunds, they can be processed through Interac Debit if the cardholder is present to authorize the transaction.

Fees and surcharges

Merchants will not be directly charged fees by Interac Corp. However, those who offer Interac services to merchants (e.g. Interac Corp. participants or their business partners) may charge fees for use of the services.

Offering cashback

As a courtesy service, merchants can choose to offer “cashback” to customers. This allows customers to access cash by adding it to the total amount of their debit transaction.

Contact an Acquirer to get started

Contact a participating Acquirer or payment service provider below to begin offering Interac Debit. They will also be able to help you with any questions about debit terminals, fees and getting started. The following providers operate the card-accepting devices (e.g. Interac Debit terminals at the Point-of-Sale) which capture and transmit the data that allows each transaction to be completed through the Interac network.